Jorja in the studio

Jorja in the studio

Having recently upgraded my floors and re-launched my new home studio space (yes, HOME studio space - my home is your home!), I decided it was time to bring in a few friendly faces to test out the new space and see what the natural light could do for me in the new space.

So, Miss Jorja came in to see me on the weekend and we tested out the new floor to ceiling doors/window light and here are some of the beautiful results.

This black and white is a little Sue Bryce inspired with some wind in her hair and her classic, soft expression.  An image to last the ages - when she is older, her grandchildren will love seeing these images!  

Jorja's dad worked so hard on the day as well, looking after her hair and assisting with reflectors, so I managed to squeeze in a few dad and daughter photos (even though dad wasn't prepared for it!)  and he is going to have this photo always and forever.
When Jorja is all grown up, and walking down the aisle, this photo will be a reminder of her younger, carefree years of childhood.
And, also for Jorja, a beautiful reminder of how much her dad loved her.  

Photographs are the window to our past, to our history, and what a beautiful moment on history this will be for Jorja and her dad.

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