You won’t find a more professional, conscientious, friendly person who can create and capture the most perfect photos of you and your precious family.
— Toni K, Eagle Heights

The soft baby fuzz and the tiny wrinkly fingers,
How your little baby fits so PERFECTLY SNUG in your arms.

The overwhelming feeling of love that fills your heart to overflowing and takes over your soul
when YOUR BABY SMILES AT YOU for the very first time.

 The pure happiness and excitement of watching them take their VERY FIRST STEP and wanting to share it with the whole world! 

These are the most precious and loved little humans in your whole world.  
Nothing compares ...
And you never want to forget even the smallest detail.

This is more than just a photography session,

~   T H I S   I S   L O V E   ~

Maternity Sessions are best photographed between 32 and 36 weeks | Newborn Portrait Sessions are best photographed between 5 and 10 days old.
Milestone/Sitter Sessions are best photographed around 6/7 months when baby can sit confidently by themselves  |  Birthday Sessions are suitable for any birthday celebration!

I'm Jade Read and I am a newborn portrait specialist on the northern end of the Gold Coast.  I've photographed babies and children for over 6 years and it's still my favourite thing in the whole world!

I'm excited to hear more about your pregnancy, your baby and your family and I would very much love to be your newborn photographer for this incredible new beginning in your family's life.