Maternity Portraits - What's your style?

What's your maternity portrait style?  Have you ever thought about it? Did you even know you could even have a 'maternity portrait style' at all?
Through my years of photographing pregnant women, I have noticed a few trends towards different styles or 'types' of portraits that are often photographed in my studio ...  
Read on to learn more about these different styles and find out which one suits you! Or, you'll just fall in love with all of them ...

Maternity sessions are simply amazing and there are a variety of options available to you to suit your style!

Pregnancy is hard on our bodies, our emotions and by the time we are in our third trimester, everything is uncomfortable and often disheartening as it feels like you have been a balloon shape for way too long...

This is exactly why I love photographing pregnant women - you can come to the studio, relax and even though you might not be feeling the most attractive, you can know and trust that beautiful photographs of your baby belly are in good hands.

 Everything is provided for you, you don't have to worry about what to wear, you don't have to buy a new outfit that will hardly be worn again...  AND there is something here to suit everyone.

The studio provides styling in three main Maternity Portrait Styles:  

Colour Pop  |  White on White  |   Soft neutrals

All three categories are mostly self-explanatory, but here is a little info on each and how to identify which style suits you.  Remember, you might fall into two categories, or love all three!

'Colour Pop'  

This style incorporates neutrals with a 'pop' of complimenting colour for a wrap, boob tub top or even flowers as a point of interest.  

'Colour Pop' often suits women who love bright colours and decorate their home with colourful decor.

Look around your home - can you see a bright vase of flowers, colourful cushions on your couch or bold colours in your dining table setting?  This could be you!

maternity photos pregnancy photos maternity portraits gold coast

maternity photos gold coast white on white pregnancy photos baby belly

'White on White' 

this style is very minimalist as the name suggests - all white.

White fabrics and draping, white background and white accessories.  Perfect for the minimalist.

Is your home mostly white?  Is your favourite room in your home minimal is design and decor?  Is your styling typically light and airy, rather than dark and bold?

Is this your maternity portrait style?

'Soft Neutrals'

A beautiful, simple, soft look either in light or dark tones.

The soft neutral portrait style is very classic, and unlikely to 'date.'  Using soft pastels and dusty tones and monochromatic accessories, this style will always be stunning.

This style typically shows off the soft textures of the fabric draping/styling used and backdrops are often similar in tone to the styling chosen.

Minimal accessories that match and blend into the styling add simple interest points without drawing the attention away from your beautiful baby bump.

Soft neutrals will suit just about any home decor or styling, as it is a 'quiet' style that is graceful and elegant in it's simplicity.

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maternity photos neutrals maternity portraits gold coast baby belly