Photographer charged with sexual abuse. Not in my industry!

Tonight, on the Channel Nine News, I heard about the so-called 'photographer' being charged with 79 counts of abuse including 7 counts of rape, carnal knowledge of underage children and making child exploitation material.

How many children did he have access to? Why was he ALONE with them? Should photographers be required to hold Blue Cards!?? (Currently in QLD, we cannot get one, even if we WANT one??)

1 in 5 children in Australia victims of child sexual abuse, people. 1 in 5.

This is NOT a photographer. This is a paedophile, using my industry to steal children's innocence, perform horrific acts on them... violating their trust and hurting them physically, emotionally and mentally.

These children will likely take years to recover - if ever. This pedophile deserves life in jail.

We need to educate our children, trust our children and get our legal system protecting them instead of giving them back to their abusers.  Organisations like Bravehearts fight for these children and I intend to join the fight wholeheartedly.

ALSO I will not stand by while this pathetic excuse of a man uses MY industry for his sick behaviour.

As a baby and children's photographer myself, this paedophile has tainted the reputation of my industry. The children's portrait industry is dedicated to preserving precious memories of your children before they grow up and have to worry about these kind of cares of the world....

We celebrate them for the incredible little people that they are and we want to give their families the best memories of childhood to look back on in years to come with joy, love to celebrate the life of their child!

I have plenty to say about this issue, and I want to raise more awareness about child sexual abuse AND also help parents and families know what questions to ask their photographers before they book a session. How to find reputable portrait photographers and know the questions to ask.

This pedophile had better be leaving court on his way to jail without bail.

Come on! Let's stand up for our children! Protect them, give them justice.

What would you do if it was your child? Would you stand up? Would you speak out? I WILL SPEAK UP - for all victims of sexual abuse.

On behalf of my children, my family, my clients and their children and every mother and father..... I want justice for these children and their families.

They do not deserve this!

If you want more information, resources or if you want to reach out to support the fight against child sexual abuse, or if you want JUSTICE for these victims, please feel welcome to contact me.

I will NOT be silenced!



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