Master Z | 16 days old

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Well, this handsome young lad has arrived earthside!  Congratulations mum and dad, he is amazing - and has quite the personality already...  yep, those eyes say it all!  

It was a gorgeous first portrait session for this little one and he totally rocked it.  I have been asking all my mum's about their pregnancy and birth lately, so let's see what mum had to say about her experience ...

Question:  What was your favourite thing about being pregnant?
Answer:  "Very Little"

Question:  What was your favourite food through pregnancy?
Answer:  "Spaghetti"

It's something about carbs, when you're pregnant, I'm sure!  I craved hot potato chips.  KFC chips mostly - thick cut chips!!  (And burgers)  But I really think our body must need so much energy to grow a baby, that we just want to inhale all the carbs we can find!

Question:  Who picked bub's name?  Who had last say about bub's name?
Answer:  "We picked together. Daddy liked Jack and mummy liked Zac. Zac seemed to fit."

Question:  What was the first thing you (and/or your husband/partner) said when you first saw your baby?
Answer:  "We were in total shock.  I think I said "oh my God" a hundred times!"

Question:  How long was your labour? Were there any memorable moments?
Answer:  "22hrs from start to finish.  When Zac was ready, he came out very quickly."

Any tips or encouragement for other expecting mums about to give birth? 

"Just do whatever works for you and BREATHE!"

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