International Baby Photography Contest | Collection 10

jade read photography gold coast upper coomera newborn photographer
jade read photography gold coast newborn photographer upper coomera baby photos

International Baby Photo Awards | Collection 10

Yes!  I did it!  I actually entered a competition!  And, it went well.  One of my images placed in the most recent collection and this is it!

Things have been a complete roller coaster and the pause to enjoy the top of a high haven't quite been long enough before I roll into another downhill turn...

But that's ok, because that is how business rolls and I am learning to accept it more and more.  Instead of fighting it, I'm learning how to ride it, with a deep, deep breath and an open frame of mind for what's coming next.

The other lesson I'm learning is - when that amazing, high moment comes, and I'm on top of a beautiful moment - I'm learning to make sure I take that brief 'pause' and make an effort to see and reward myself for the successes, no matter how small.

That roller coaster will roll on back down another steep hill and I am starting to trust that it will roll straight up another one!  

Trusting myself, and trusting the cycle or 'roller coaster' of business is so important to keeping my sanity and seeing the benefits and blessings of what I do.

And, this is one of those high moments where I can sit at the top of a successful moment and enjoy it, look out at the promising view and remind myself that all the effort is worth it.

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