What happens 20 years later? The importance of the moment...

How will your life change in 20 years time?  What will your children be doing with their lives - having children of their own maybe?  

Will your photographs have become more valuable to you, now that they are your only memories of a time gone by?

How do you want to see your memories in 10, 20, 50 years?

Think about your life in 20 years time. Stop. And visualise it.  You babies are no longer little, and they do not fit in your arms so snuggly, any more.

When you look back on your photographs, how will you be looking at them?  What will you see?

Think about it - your children will be in their 20's - grown up and going to uni, working in jobs and taking on the responsibilities of an adult.

What happened to that little baby? That tiny little person, who depended solely on you?  Those cuddles at night that were just the best thing life could ever offer?

The world moves fast, and time doesn't wait. These photographs of their childhood are all that you will have left when your children are having children of their own.

How will you reminisce on those memories?  Displaying them in your home, and seeing the growth of your family on that 'family photo wall' you have?   

Or, do you love the idea of the 'family photo album' - sitting together on the couch, browsing through the pages with your family, talking and laughing.

Do you remember looking through your parents old family photo albums?  

The fun it is to turn those pages and recount amazing stories and laugh over old memories of places you used to live, friends you used to spend time with and time spent with loved ones.

Do you remember that?  And more importantly, do you want this for your family?

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